Supplementary Advisory Services

Supplementary Advisory Services

These services are individually priced. They are designed for individuals or organisations looking for temporary support or for those with a tight budget.

Key Supplementary Services Include:

Travel Risk Assessments & Planning

Travel is the time when individuals are most vulnerable to violent crimes, kidnapping, corruption, injury or death. These advisory services prepare you for the challenges you may face along the way. We have designed these assessments to help lower travel insurance premiums by showing insurance providers that you have properly accounted for threats and planned accordingly.

Pre-deployment Security Briefings

A briefing delivered prior to deployment, designed to inform the organisation and its aid workers of critical risk factors inherent to their operational environment, and to suggest steps to further mitigate or eliminate the threat. Typical guidance includes: outlining high-risk areas/activities, awareness/description of known threat actors, emergency action planning and contacts, and vignettes and historic examples (cautionary tales).

Country Risk Profiles

Provides a broader approach on focusing on a single country as a whole. Intelligence and analysis are used to identify inherent security, political, and social risks present within a specific country.

Crisis Mapping

Visualises an ongoing crisis, be it natural or man-made. The analysis and data that is given will help you stay ahead of the effects of the crisis by improving your situational awareness.

Contingency Planning

Development of plans outlining how management and the organisation will respond to anticipated situations. These plans are essential for organisations operating where natural disasters occur or conflict threatens the human environment. Planning is typically designed on three levels – Hibernation, Relocation, and Evacuation. Each level accounting for significant changes in the threat context.