Core Advisory Services

Core Advisory Services

Generalised Risk Assessment

Our Generalised Country Assessments, which outline ongoing security, political, and operational risks within the operational environment. This service is built upon detailed research and open-source intelligence collected remotely from our HQ.

Localised Threat Assessment

Our Localised Threat Assessments, which incorporate political and security risk analysis, are built upon detailed local intelligence and research carried out on the ground. This service includes high-level forecasts, intelligence on security, politics and social issues on the ground, mapping of key stakeholders and incidents in relevant areas.

Human source intelligence provides first-hand insights into political and social stability and conflict risk. We believe that human intelligence provides a more thorough account of both macro and micro-level indicators of risk, ultimately arming clients with actionable knowledge to limit risk exposure.

Key features of our services:

  • Political risk analysis and assessments
  • Political risk monitoring
  • Country risk profile
  • Forecasting
  • Risk mitigation strategies


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