Category: Sub-Saharan Africa

The African National Congress: Going South?

The African National Congress is synonymous with the anti-apartheid struggle. Since the end of apartheid, its appeal to both the rural and urban poor in South Africa has made it a force which is almost uniquely dominant in a democratic society.

Yet, the current day ANC finds itself in a precarious position. 2016 heralded a year of disastrous local election results for the ANC which lost its hold over five of South Africa’s biggest cities. Voters took the opportunity to voice their dissatisfaction and anger over the years of systemic corruption and the economic failings and struck a painful blow against the ANC.

Risk Management in Conflict-Affected Contexts: The Case of Mali

Since 2012 Mali has been immersed in a violent conflict between armed jihadist groups and the Malian government that first involved exclusively the North of the country but has since spread to the areas of Mopti and Ségou. Despite massive international mobilization and intervention, the conflict is still classified as escalating by ACLED. One of the key issues at stake is the balance between military intervention in support of the Malian government and the provision of humanitarian assistance to those in need. The case of Mali gives us an insight into why risk management in conflict-affected contexts is needed.

The Forgotten Crisis in the Central African Republic and the Impact on NGOs

The Central African Republic (CAR) descended into violence in March 2013, when Seleka rebels ousted President Francois Bozize’s weak authoritarian regime. After seizing power, the Seleka engaged in large-scale abuses, leading to the deaths of thousands of civilians. Initially, the Seleka started as a political movement against President Bozize but since then it has shifted its character to that of a sectarian confrontation drawn along religious lines.

The anti-Balaka (comprising of Christians) was created in response to the Seleka (rebels comprising of Muslims), with the aim of protecting the Christian community at all costs. Both sides are responsible for large scale killings, which have thrust the country into a downward spiral of pain and repression.