Business intelligence is the key to business resilience and growth. The use of timely, actionable intelligence can equip you with the information needed to deal with business risks, commercial threats, fraud, insurance assessments, and marketing insight. The better the intelligence, the better the outcome of your decisions.

Our experience shows that many commercial entities do not have sophisticated internal business intelligence capabilities, and many lack an appreciation of just what is possible with the right people, methods, and technology. PGW can bring a new level of intelligence quality and volume to your company by applying professional techniques, tradecraft, and leading technology platforms, bespoke to your business requirements.

Key to developing the exploitable intelligence that will drive positive change is an in-depth appreciation of the goals our customers wish to achieve. The experience of our team extends over many sectors and disciplines, enabling us to understand your business and your challenges. Our business intelligence experts will apply their experience to the task and deliver services tailored to your needs.

Why Us?

Businesses who partner with us benefit from:

  • A dedicated team of analysts: With a sound understanding of acute ground level threats and the wider geopolitical risks that may influence them.
  • A bespoke methodology: We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis to exploit information gathered from human sources and open-source intelligence, to model our reporting to each clients’ specific risks. Our reports are always accessible, objective, and unambiguous, and have been designed to help clients to make confident, informed risk management decisions.
  • Our client-focused approach: We believe in collaborative partnerships, listening to the needs and challenges of our clients to develop mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Our commitment: We want to empower the non-profit sector with intelligence and actionable solutions to mitigate operational risks.

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